"What the Democrats are trying to do is not to end the shutdown for its own sake, but to break the cycle of crises governance, where they are constantly being asked to make absurd concessions merely to keep the government operating. They want to take away the Republicans’ ability to hold a gun to our country’s credit rating and take away their will to shut down the government. And, since this is the priority, helping the Republicans save face by giving them some reward, no matter how paltry, is entirely counterproductive.
To put it in parent/child terms, if you have a boy who throws a lot of tantrums, your problem isn’t the particular tantrum he is throwing right now, but the fact that he throws tantrums whenever he doesn’t get what he wants. When you bargain with the child, you ensure that he will continue the behavior in the future because it is effective."

Why Face-Saving Won’t Work (via wilwheaton)

(via wilwheaton)

I didn’t go away forever! Here’s a post where I kind of vaguely allude to what I’ve been doing, and more importantly announce what I will be doing in the near future. Still pretty vaguely, but not quite as much.

Writer’s Journey, Part 5 - When All You Have Is A Hammer

New Blog Post! Writer’s Journey, Part 5 - When All You Have Is A Hammer. The end of one story and the beginning of so many more.

“’What makes a desert beautiful,’ said the little prince, ‘is that somewhere it hides a well.’”
– Antoine De Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

In the desert I find my Chapel Perilous and I meet the emptiness at last.

This isn’t a metaphorical desert. This…

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Writer’s Journey, Part 4 - Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

New blog post! Writer’s Journey, Part 4 - Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost. Starting to get past the dark part now.

“The only Zen you find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.”
— Robert M. Pirsig

I drive back to Alaska in November 2008, rent a storage unit in Anchorage for my belongings, and move to Valdez while I pay off debts I accrued during…

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Writer’s Journey, Part 3 - Purgatorio

“You gotta hit rock bottom before you know which direction to go in. Welcome to the floor, kid.”
— Galina “Red” Reznikov, Orange is the New Black

I don’t know when I hit bottom.

In a sense I never really do. If a person at rock bottom has lost everything,…

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Making a list of some of the more interesting reactions I have had to the sentence “Heterophobia is very real and hurts over 7 feelings every year

  • Being a dick hurts everyones feelings and will get you knocked the fuck out you smart ass little son of a shit
  • yes…

I blanked out for most of it but also that shippers are going to make it so heterophobia over takes homophobia in the future really jumped out at me

OMG, we’re headed for an age of homonormativity! Birth rates will plummet!

Wait, maybe that would be a good thing… it’s almost too bad that this is a ridiculous concern propagated by idiots.

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Ooh, I think I have a new beer of the festival! St. Elias Grasshopper pale ale, probably the most crisp, refreshing beer I’ve ever tasted. See, guys, dry hopping may be tricky, but if you get it right the flavor is sublime.

Blue Moon vintage blonde is something special, too, although it’s still well short of being my favorite beer of the festival (that’s still Arctic Devil). On a less positive note, none of the Stone barleywines made much of an impression on me, which is a shame because usually I love Stone (they’re the guys who make Arrogant Bastard Ale, if you don’t recognize the name).

Day two of Beerfest began with re-visiting a few favorites from yesterday, including Julian Cherry Bomb cider and Midnight Sun Arctic Devil barleywine. Of the new stuff I’ve sampled, the winners so far are Widmer KGB Imperial Stout (almost but not quite as good as Old Rasputin) and Ninkasi Critical Hit barleywine (almost as good as Arctic Devil, possibly even better if you’re a fan of hops).